About Princess Ofee


I am a Pedi-Tswana-speaking-Zulu-cultured girl, okay okay a Princess, who is South African in every sense; I was born in Pretoria, bred in Zululand and buttered in Cape Town where I met and married my Tsonga Prince, Hleku.

I’m a natural hair therapist and enthusiast, a fashion blogger, an aspiring designer, a retail planner, budding poet and a soulful revolutionary diva in every sense of the word.

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6 thoughts on “About Princess Ofee

  1. Princess I would luv to know my hair type and products to use I have a problem a cream relaxer is not woking the last 5yrs I used dark n lovely n could not work for me then I decided not to do it again but I want relaxedhair again


    1. Hey Princess, thanks for your comment. Have a look at my hair typing article and I’m sure you can find your hair type there. I wouldn’t recommend relaxing your hair again but if you give it time and focus on moisturizing it with water and sealing the moisture with oil you are in the right track ☺️ all the beat with your hair journey


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