We are a strange bunch, we Blacks.

Maruping Phepheng

“We go to their crèches, we go to their restaurants to eat their food, we read their books, we wear their hair, we love their languages, we read their bible and pray to their god. These people aren’t entirely wrong to feel and act superior. We make them superior!”

These are the words of an old man to me this morning. He was getting out of his car, telling me he’s been listening to a racism debate on radio.

He didn’t end there. He wondered why Blacks would offer to defend a white man, let alone a white pastor, who believes they – Blacks, are inferior. “Do they not have an entire anti-Black establishment to defend them?”

Basically, Blacks are not without blame where their own oppression is concerned.

Why, he asked, are these non-white spokespersons and defenders of whiteness not even saying a word when the ZCC is under…

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