How your mother lied to you about your Natural Hair


I don’t know about you but I see a lot of little black girls walking around in public, WITH THEIR MOTHERS might I add, looking like this…

This is a serious situation that must be addressed because it is the fruit of the lies their mothers were told and now they are passing them onto the next generation.

This has to stop, these lies must be exposed and reversed. Let’s go get ’em girls:

Lie 1: Your natural hair will take care of itself naturally

Whenever someone says to me, “Ah  but you are lucky that you are natural, you don’t have to do much to your hair” I do a double take because I now do way more to my hair than I used to when I was relaxed. For crying out loud, I only washed my hair once every two months when I was relaxed and did nothing else, now? Washday awaits me weekly. This is the reason we have so many little girls with dry, brittle, broken locks barely hanging on their heads walking around in public. The truth is if you want your hair to be healthy you need to be actively taking care of it. Get a regimen, adapt it to your needs and stick to it.

Lie 2: Avoid water at all costs to see your hair grow

In grade 8 at our first swimming lesson, it was very intriguing to see how us black girls jumped into the pool and even though we had swimming caps on we insisted on swimming with our heads above the water. And the scene in the shower was a much more hilarious one to watch. The truth is our hair needs water because it is the number 1 moisturiser. It is ideal to spritz your hair daily with water and every 7-10 days it should get a good drink of water to maintain healthy hydration.

Lie 3: Suffer for beauty

I remember so vividly; I was 5 years old, getting my first set of box braids, sitting between Aunt Mapule’s legs and having my poor little scalp pulled so tight that all I could do was whimper while she kept chanting, as though it was a mantra, you must suffer for beauty my darling. By the time I was 18 it was a norm to not be able to sleep for the first 2 days after installing braids but thank God for my natural hair journey because I realised that no one had to suffer to look beautiful. The truth is, you are already beautiful and secondly if you want to enhance it you don’t have to allow your hair to be combed roughly with a fine tooth comb or have braids in so tight that you can’t sleep. We love our hair and our hairlines thank you very much.

Lie 4: Your natural hair is ugly or it won’t suit you

This is a universal principle, you only nurture what you value. This is the reason why I managed to lose 20kg’s in 2010 and keep them off but that is a whole ‘nother blog post. If you believe that your hair is beautiful and worthy of being taken care of you will nurture it and give it the best chance at growth. Also, how silly is the notion that YOUR hair won’t suit YOU? The truth is I have never seen a natural who was not suited by her natural hair so please start unlearning that if you want to have a peaceful hair journey. Settle that issue in your heart.

Choosing to wear your hair natural is a hard, heart matter in this day and age although it is getting slightly easier as the community expands. Just like becoming and staying “woke” there are a tonne of lies that you need to unlearn to enjoy your journey and these are just a few. Comment below if you had anything to unlearn in your natural hair journey?


Princess Ofee



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