Poetry Pop: The most frightening thing in the world


I am not a poet but I do find myself dabbling every now and then with pen and paper and a little bit of my story comes out. Hence this pop of poetry on this blog.

This is a poem I wrote on my 1st wedding anniversary and refined in the months that followed. At that point, it was one of my biggest life lessons.

One of the most frightening things in the world 
is allowing yourself to be loved

Let me explain…

To experience genuine love, you need to be YOU
You can’t call it love if you aren’t TRUE
You need to let go of your pretence, 
your perfectionism, 
your pride, 
and your perception of who is loving you
You need to just BE

And nothing is more frightening than just being…
Being stripped of all the add-on’s that we think add to us
but instead subtract from our Divine design
Being stripped of all the excuses we make about our flaws and strengths
Being stripped of the notion that your world view is the only valid view
Being plucked out of the safe space of selfishness
And being naked, like fully naked
Being you, fully you

Getting to this terrifying point I had to bare all and give all
And thereafter I entered the most soothing space…
Filled with real love, the strongest most delicate kind 
like granite and cotton candy all at the same time
Stuff that will blow your mind

Princess Ofee


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