4c hair struggles; A 2 year post BC update ft. Deep Conditioning and using Heat

Truth be told I’ve been mad at my hair, like properly upset. 2015 was NOT a good hair year for me at all. I was going through that stage that most naturals go through of realizing what my hair is really like and wishing that it was different (thicker, darker, longer, looser etc). I completely fell out of love with my fro and I certainly was not very good to it. Granted I lived a very hectic lifestyle that did not allow me the luxury of 8 hour long wash days but I could have at least done more baggying and protective styles than I did πŸ™ˆ

I’ve finally forgiven my hair (and myself) and I have accepted that I have thin, brown, very tightly coiled, high porosity hair and I am done comparing my hair and my journey to anyone else’s. I am hopeful that 2016 will bring us more growth, length and strength.

My hair taught me a lot of “what not to do” and I am so grateful for that. That’s a post for another day but in summary I think I overdid cotton head scarves and co-washing and I under-did deep conditioning, protective styles and trimming.

Enter Operation Save Β the Crown:

So yesterday I embarked on Operation: Save the crown. I started by spritzing my hair with aloe vera juice and sealed that with Taji Shea Butter then I twisted my hair in medium sections…

Princess Ofee twisted 4c hair


and for the first time in two years I TRIMMED MY HAIR (eeeeeek!)

Princess Ofee Trimmed 4c hair

As you can see in the first picture I had Split End Central and Single Strand City on my head and it was not looking cute so I went for a 2-3cm trim and I actually liked it. My hair is soooo much easier to detangle now! I’m sold to the trimming life and in 3 months I will be at it again; the liberation is so real.

After that trim I decided to do a proper wash day using samples from the Dr Miracle’s curl care range and a Gentle Treatment repairing deep conditioner. This was a bit out of character for me given that I did not make it myself but one has to live a little every now and then 😏

I’ll review the products in another post but here are the before and after pics:

Princess Ofee before Deep conditioning


Princess Ofee Deep Conditioning 4c hair


Princess ofee after deep conditioning

My hair felt slightly revived but not AMAZING. I followed the DC up with the boosting and defining leave in conditioner on damp hair and it was doing neither as the product was not being absorbed by my hair. I’m not sure what was happening there but then I sealed whatever moisture there was with my oil mix and Taji Shea Butter Creme then proceeded to blow dry my hair using the tension method for the first time in 2 years!

After blow drying I then flat ironed my hair at 150 degrees celsius and these were the results:

Princess ofee blow dried 4c hair tea

Hmmm…. Given that this was the first time in my life flat ironing my hair it probably isn’t too bad but I was expecting some serious hang time. My hair feels soft but it still is not blowing in the wind and maybe that is normal for me. I think I’ll rock this for the next few days just to see what I can do with it.

I’ll be posting pics of my various hairstyles with my blow-dried-looking-straightened-4c-hair on the blog in a few days for inspiration. Watch out for those!

Lots of Royal Hugs and Kisses
πŸ‘‘Princess Ofee πŸ‘‘




11 thoughts on “4c hair struggles; A 2 year post BC update ft. Deep Conditioning and using Heat

  1. Always a beautiful journey reading and learning from your posts. 8 hour wash day got me asking, where they do that at?? But I guess that’s what must can happen to have that goal life hair

    Liked by 1 person

    1. LOL! Girl the things we see on Youtube… That’s where the 8 hour wash days are going down and I really am unable to can :/

      Thank you so much for reading and supporting my journey, we will be taking a different direction in 2016 and I hope you are ready πŸ˜‰


  2. Awesomest post! Honest and to the point.

    From one thin haired sista to another: Hang in there girl! The hard part is over : acceptance!

    Now you can embrace HER with all HER moods. She’ll be good to you in return I promise.

    P.S. Lurvvv your writing style, had me cackling from beginning to end.


    1. Thank you so much Sharifa πŸ™‚ I really appreciate you coming on here to check my journey out.

      It took a long while to get to this point but I am so glad I did! Whew! Here is to our thin-haired sisterhood. Forward ever, backward never. LOL

      Liked by 1 person

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