1 year 9 months post BC update (4c Afro Hair)

It has been so long since my last BC and I am close to breaking the record of the longest time I have had hair on my head (2 years) #WozaDezemba. I am feeling the itch of cutting my hair so strongly now it is almost irrisistable so I am steering clear of all barber shops for next few months. A part of me wants to see the length my hair can reach whilst the other part is like screw this I just wanna have fun like Nandi Mngoma…

Nandi Mngoma
Nandi Mngoma

But for now let me recount my journey’s up and downs:

The Up’s

What I have enjoyed seeing the growth from nothing to this:
1 year 9 month 4c afro1 yr 9 month 4c Afro hair

I have enjoyed feeling the bouncy texture of my coils when they are well moisturized (hands up if you do too). It’s a pity the feeling doesn’t last too long but it is lovely while it does. I also enjoyed the kind of comments I got from strangers when I wore my shrunken fro out; comments ranging from admiration of my “boldness” to wear my hair the way it was made, to random comments of “African Queen!”, to reactions of shock, of horror, of curiosity and comments that really reflect the depth of the wounds we carry as black people regarding our hair, even in the “mother land”, even in this very day and age. That pretty much sums up the “Up’s” so far.

The Down’s

Oh man, where to start? I think the most frustrating thing about my hair is the fact that it is so friggin’ dry! It’s so thin, very fragile, it sheds so much and I seem to be hosting single strand knot parties in my fro on a daily basis making my daily night routine a literal nightmare. Sometimes I just don’t take my messy twists out for days and just wear head wraps to cover up and maintain fabulosity. I have found that sticking to the basics (water, oil, conditioner, shea butter) in this area has helped me deal with the issues somewhat but I am seriously looking for a longer term solution that is not so labour intensive. I might just try the Max Hydration Method because it promises to deal with my issues but the amount of time one needs to have to succeed there leaves me gogley-eyed for real! #LordHelpUsLazyNaturals. It is also such a struggle to find a youtuber/blogger with similar hair troubles that I have to follow to help with advice but in the mean time I guess I will have to inspire myself by adapting different people’s advice to suit my unique hair type #ngizobastrong shem.

I think if I am honest with myself I am also suffering from hair jealousy and you won’t believe that it’s my husbands hair I’m jealous of (/.\) I love his hair! He obviously has been natural all his life but he only started growing it out last year July and his is way thicker and retains moisture much better than mine. I have thin, high porosity hair and he has thick normal porosity hair, life is so unfair… what does he need it for? Lol, it’s like boys with long eyelashes, like for real God? For real? Any ways, looking on the bright side, at least I get to play with his hair daily 🙂 and last week on wash day we took DC selfies :””D Excuse the silliness y’all but that is the stuff that makes this journey fun:

When I realized that the hair jealousy was making me ignore my hair health I remembered the famous words of Kevin Hart “stay in your [hair] lane” and started taking care of my hair again. Honestly, keeping your eyes on your “own paper” helps in achieving healthier hair. Just do you boo.

Lesson’s so far:

  • Love your hair and you will naturally take care of it
  • Stick to the basics of hair care; water, oil, conditioner, cream and you won’t go wrong
  • Stay in your “hair lane”, run your own race, do you boo

Till next time lovelies,

Princess O 👑



2 thoughts on “1 year 9 months post BC update (4c Afro Hair)

  1. Hahahaha what does he need it for? Hahahaha lol Hleku’s hair is the same as mine. It’s weird because I find mine hard to manage because it’s so dense but I won’t lie I love it so damn much. Thanks to conditioners and shearbutter with oils


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