Fashion Fix #1

These past few weeks I have been feeling my fashion game and #feelingmyself as I have mentioned on Instagram.

I really love the period after I’ve had a wardrobe cleanse. The amount of clarity after having seen all my clothes and possible outfit combinations is just the best! I felt like I finally could start looking like a million bucks without having to go shopping. I am also guilty of engaging in wardrobe cleanses as a means of procrastination from studying for my exams 😁 anybody know the feeling? Anywho, I digress. Today I will be sharing a few of the outfits that I rocked this past week. But first where the inspiration began…  The wardrobe cleanse:

The aim was to whittle my wardrobe down to 50 items but I just did not have the heart, I did manage to give away a whole pile of clothes though ☺️

After the cleanse the next morning it took 5 mins to get dressed up in this here outfit:

Cobalt crop and headscarf combo
Cobalt crop and headscarf combo

The next day we had two parties/ get togethers to attend (one with family and the other with friends) where I happened to be the only girl, twice! So it actually turned out to be a good idea that I “borrowed from the boys” and shopped hubby’s closet for his oversized denim shirt. Now I paired this with some nude heels initially but when we got to the cricket ground it was just too much so I switched to my favourite boots.



And lastly the last outfit I want to share was born of of pure excitment from my latest winter coat purchase and a choker that I got on sale from Lovisa for R30!!!!! I also am a huge fan of my burgandy boots, the minute I saw them I couldn’t walk away (excuse the pun!)

Oh man, you can't see the necklace :/
Oh man, you can’t see the necklace :/
Burgandy boots :)
Burgandy boots 🙂

Till next time lovelies ☺️


Princess O👑


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