Three things you need to get over to get ahead (for creatives and the like)

As a creative soul there are a number of obstacles that stand in your way as you pursue your dreams and when you walk into these walls it really feels like you may never realize the greatness that God made you to be. I have noticed that in myself and the creatives that surround me we tend to have tonnes of excuses of why we cannot “create” and we allow those excuses to make us procrastinate and sit amongst tonnes of unfinished projects.
This leads to that moment when you criticize yourself and feel helpless, worthless and like a failure for not chasing your dreams as aggressively as the #instaquotes tell you to and there you find yourself at the brink of anxiety and depression. I am guilty of this and I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels that way so I figured today I should share three things to get over when you realize that this is your story:
1. Get over… The need to do everything perfectly

Seriously that last little tweak to your project, assignment, artwork, design etc that takes you hours to makes most likely will not make a difference to the overall appearance of your work. I’m not saying be sloppy but I am saying don’t labour painstakingly over details that won’t matter in the long run. Very often as creatives we become so obsessed with getting the work we do as perfect as possible and as a consequence we may lose the bigger picture, miss the deadline and lose credibility. I must admit this is still a daily struggle for me but with time it gets easier to focus on the details that actually matter. Growing up my Dad’s motto was “perfection is my goal and excellence I will tolerate” and I am sure he meant well by that to motivate us to strive to do our best but in my adulthood I’ve since decided to say “excellence is my goal, perfection? Ain’t no body got time fo dat!”
2. Get over… Expecting that someone else will dive in and “save” you

I love Jesus and he IS my saviour but let’s be real, he is not going to come down from heaven and solve every single little problem I have on my behalf. He gave me a brain, a body, resources and other people around me to get through life. But I say that last part tentatively because at the end of the day you need to stop leaning unnecessarily on people for everything in life; your happiness, direction, hope, inspiration etc. because ultimately everyone will let you down at some point (yes, EVERYONE) and at that point it’s only you and God left to pick up the pieces of your broken heart. It will surely happen and when it does remember the next point…
3. Get over… Yourself!

Look if no one will tell you, then I will. We are all great and we are all destined for greatness but the world does not revolve around you honey and everything is not about you (Marinate on that). You need to realize the significance of your insignificance to be able to harness your greatness. It is very hard to get to the top when your head is so huge it is upsetting your centre of gravity and causing you to fall at every step you attempt to take. You need to humble yourself and understand that you are here for a purpose but so is everyone else and they won’t be waiting by the wayside to help you at every step of the way and you will be disappointed by that. But you will live.

I confess that I struggle with this part the most and thank God he gave my husband the grace to put up with me during our first years of marriage. As you can see by my title (lol) I’ve sort of been that girl who has always been treated like a princess and I got a lot (not all) of what I wanted along the way, my expectations when marrying my hubby was that he was gonna step in line and make sure that he prioritizes my happiness and within months he let me down so hard and I don’t blame him because he had his own path to walk and it really wasn’t all about me. That realization is something I have every single day and every time it hits me again I think it makes me a better person as I get over myself.

Getting over these three things is not the be all and end all of getting out of your own way but it is a step in the right direction. Let me know un the comments below if you have ever struggled with any of the above things and how you overcame them if you have and also let me know other stuff you have had to get over to get ahead in life.

Peace and blessings y’all ✌🏾️😘

Princess Ofee πŸ‘‘


2 thoughts on “Three things you need to get over to get ahead (for creatives and the like)

  1. Oh, I so needed #1! I have been making these little zippered pouches and clutches and because I’m just learning to sew I am pretty painstakingly critical of my work. I want everything to be perfect for the buyer but I have told myself to stop stressing the small stuff. As you said, not become sloppy but don’t take years off your life over tiny details that does not take away from the overall finish of your work.

    Thanks for the pep talk πŸ™‚


    1. I’m so glad you have chosen the more efficient route. I’m sure your pouches and clutches are beautiful! Besides it’s those little “imperfections” that make it “perfect” I think. Thanks so much for reading this post πŸ™‚


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