Just got my hair did! 

I finally relented, after 2 years of doing my own hair I let someone else do my hair. I only did it because I have 3 weekends back to back of weddings to go to and I had tonnes of assignments to submit so I did not want to fuss about which hair style to do for end March and all of April.

It was a great and a not so great decision at the same time, hehe. Great because I loooooove the hairstyle, it will save loads of time and it makes me feel like a million bucks but not so great because it was too tight and only loosened up after 4 days. Yikes! #prayformyhairline

Essentially I asked for my hair braider to do cornrows on one side and braids on the other so that I can have that Rock star look that I’m feeling these days.  I can’t wait to pair the look up with feminine dresses and grungy boots during the week and sexy dresses and heels for the weddings!

I will post my favourite looks as they happen on the Insta 😘

Princess Ofee ✨👑✨



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