1 year 2 months natural update. Yaz’ ukuthini… [translation: you know what…]

I vowed to myself not to do that thing that us bloggers always do especially after neglecting our blogs for a while but eish, it’s beeeeen a while and for that I sincerely apologise. Anywho, alot has happened lately so I have neglected my hair majorly 🙈; I started my MBA, I’m working on starting a small business and I’m trying to keep my day job going, my husband fed and my home as tidy as possible. Talk about the balancing act! 

Well, I’ve gotten to the point where I feel there are certain tasks I need to either delegate or stop being a perfectionist about *insert feaking out face* Can you tell that I’m a bit of a control freak? 🙈 yeah…

Okay back to the hair, my hair has been in this style for the past 3 months (to regrow my edges) and no doubt it needs a trim because this is single strand knot and split ends paradise *eeeeek* Even though I usually love doing everything myself I am totally having to find myself outsourcing that trim and my next protective hairstyle. *Woo saah*

I’ve decided to also stop measuring my hair because quite frankly it makes me anxious and amplifies the guilt from me neglecting it. So I’m back to just wanting healthy hair, the length will be a bonus.

One good thing that I incorporated though to retain moisture is a homemade spray that I use daily to detangle and fluff out my shrunken fro inspired by Nikki aka Black Zulu. Thanks girl!  

I did some twists last night while watching the Metro Fm awards and I am hoping to keep them in until I do those cornrows I’ve been wanting forever. My hair line izoba strong shame 💪  it has to be.

Also, Since fashion is my other passion I’ll also be sharing some of my outfit pics on this blog from now on. That will definately lead to waaay more posts.

Thanks for catching up and see you in the next post ✌️

✨👑Princess Ofee👑✨




6 thoughts on “1 year 2 months natural update. Yaz’ ukuthini… [translation: you know what…]

  1. You’re so welcomed, hun. I absolutely need to update the Hair Mist recipe because that was when I was hair happy and put EVERYTHING in it – hahaha
    I’m looking forward to your fashion posts. I don’t have a knack for fashion but I do enjoy the looks of others. Have you ever come across these 2# fashion blogs I’ll link below? They’re both great! Both are Africans but one lives in the UK.
    Style Sketches by Anita http://stylesketches.com/
    The second site eludes me now but will lin when home on laptop 🙂


    1. PS – that length checking thing – I’m also on that … the NOT checking it every 2 minutes or every week or every month. Truly can bring a girl down (esp if you have a slow growth rate or no growth rate at all like me!)so I just aim for healthy hair 🙂


      1. Guuuuurrrl! I know hey… I remember the year before last thinking that my hair wasn’t growing because the ends were damaged but I realized after my last big chop the hard truth… My hair just doesn’t grow fast (or even at all most times) I just needed to make peace with it… Now for the healthy hair journey

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    2. Hahahhahaha I can so relate! I’m a bit more relaxed about the number of oils I use, I remember I wanted ALL those benefits so my hair can finally grow. Thanks for the link, I’ll check it out now 🙂 I haven’t heard of it before but I’m sure I’ll love it

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