My ‘Fro

Oh bethuna, I really love this pic and the poem akasemhle!

Black Zulu

My Fro

I took this photo about a week ago on the last day of my mini twist out (rocked it for a full 7 days! Woot woot) *-*  I posted it to my FB page and used as my Whatsapp profile pic…and interestingly, I got a lot of “why so serious?”, “you can’t smile?” and “smile” comments.

Something must be wrong with me because I look at this picture and see a beauty that requires no showing of teeth. I see a reliance in my face that says I’m content with ME. I see strength. I see me.

This picture reminded me of a short poem I wrote many years ago:


It is more than a skin color –

it is a way of life,

an art form,

a nation,

a people,


Have a fantastic weekend, Curlies xoxo

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