10 month post BC update


I can believe it’s only been 10 months since I big chopped… It feels like forever! But it really is no wonder since I feel my hair is still quite short. Lately I’ve been so impatient with my hair because it has been so dry and tangled up despite my efforts (max hydration method). I think might actually need a trim because of all these single strand knots.

It’s now 6cm in the front, 5.5cm in the back and about 6cm on the sides. I’m trying to be patient with my hair and I’m trying my best not to compromise its health in trying to pursue growth. Woooosaaaaah 😌 #prayforme


3 thoughts on “10 month post BC update

  1. Its comforting to know i’m not the only one with slow growth. My hair just seems stagnant. i thought something was wrong. Im a year now “Dec “and have about 8/9cm of growth in front and about 5cm in the back


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