Working My Marley braids

So as I mentioned in my previous post I got a protective hairstyle this past weekend. Well, hello Marley Braids! 😉 I installed them myself and I used two packs (the last 2 in the store) and I actually ran out of hair piece while braiding. Lol, Can anyone relate? Well, since the shop had no more I had to get creative and switch it up a little bit. I decided to flat twist the right hand side to create a shaved side illusion. Oh Yes I did girl! Might as well jump on the trend while it’s still hot, lol.

Anywho initially I felt very insecure about the whole style because my braids are quite scalpey because of my fine hair and I was seriously considering to taking them out within this week. Hence I covered them in headscarves until I felt more confident to wear them out. And BAM! I did it 😝 I am channelling one of my favorite artists Janelle Monae today and I’m feeling my new hair! I’m so excited about it and I got tonne of compliments from my colleagues.

Here are some pics ( let me know if you want me to show you how I achieved the style):





4 thoughts on “Working My Marley braids

  1. I looooove marley braids. They are by far my favorite protective style! But I generally use 7 packs to get the real big and chunky look 😀 I love the happiness that exudes in the first pic and the top – GORG!


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