My Curl Confessions TAG


Hi my name is Ofee and I’m a procrastinator…

So [not-so-] recently I was tagged by Barbara from mynaturalbeing In her Curly confessions post where she spilt the beans about 10 naughty things she is doing, has done and is thinking of doing that goes against the naturally kinky coily curly girl rules and she tagged me. I’m about to do the same *cues Chris Brown* so please don’t judge me and I won’t judge you coz things could get ugly… I digress.

Okay, so I’m out here hanging my dirty laundry about what the royal fro has gone through, goes through or might go through because of me (/.\) I won’t do no. 8 but I won’t lie, I’ve been very tempted.

1. After my 2nd big chop I got bored of my natural hair colour 4months later and dyed my hair Auburn and I never moisturised it for weeks, and when I did I used D&L pink oil moisturiser eeek I know!

2. On top of that every morning I used to shampoo my hair with a sulphate containing shampoo without conditioning my hair. It goes without saying that my hair turned a weird shade of ginger and it broke off majorly. 

3. I only started using conditioner a year after my 2nd BC, I used to think it was a “white people thing” or a marketing ploy :”’D I know, I know. 

4. I used to do a protein treatment once a month but I never deep conditioned until a year after my 2nd BC. Can someone say Crispy Crunchy Afro? 

5. I never thought anything of putting cotton head scarves all day and all night to sleep in but I would NEVER go to bed on my cotton sheets without a headscarf on NEVER… Oh the irony :”’D

Now for the rachet stuff I get up to now…

6. Sometimes I pre-poo with coconut oil and sorta kinda get lazy when it’s wash time and leave it on for longer then convince myself that it counts as a hot oil treatment and a DC all in one… Yeah #washdayblues

7. Sometimes I decide my TWA be looking too cute not to take out for a ride… on a cold-windy-frigid-Cape-Town-winters day.

8. I’m very strongly considering having only 1 wash day a month like the (not-so-)good ol’ days…

9. At night if my satin scarf falls off and I feel it even if it’s within reach I just roll over and continue sleeping :”’D eish guys, I love my sleep!

10. And lastly whenever I find gems of products or regimes that work AMAZINGLY for my thirsty 4c hair, I rave about it to my friends, I intend to blog about it and procrastinate until it’s no longer relevant and I never repeat it again. Case in point – the Kimmaytube Leave-in conditioner is everything for my hair! But I only used it once and I’ve been struggling with retaining moisture whilst jumping on other product bandwagons. No, just No… *cues P.Diddy* I’m coming home, I’m coming home tell the world I’m coming home [to Kimmytube and Oil rinsing]

Hope you enjoyed this post guys

Now I tag 5 natural hair bloggers:

My homie Amanda Cooke a fellower Cape Town natural
Ibi from Hey Natural Beauties a lovely UK blogger
Nekisha aka Black Zulu who introduced me to oil rinsing
Dionne from Aim 4 Natural a USA natural and smart business woman
The very happy Shauna from writeshianwrite love her blog even though she loves birkenstocks, lol

To share 10 rachet things they’ve let their fro’s go through, fess up ladies (^^,)

Princess Ofee


8 thoughts on “My Curl Confessions TAG

  1. Hey Princess Ofee! Thanks so much for dropping by my blog and tagging me in your post. These curl confessions are halirious but I can certainly relate. Especially the one about coloring your hair.
    Ok here’s one…with my first big chop, I pulled and yanked my hair during my so called “detangling sessions” to the point where I had clumps of hair in my hand each time. I could hear my hair snapping, crackling and popping with each pull but continued anyway. The condish had no slip at all and was probably full of silicones and a bunch of other mess.
    Thank goodness for blogs like ours where we can educate other curlies on the importance of caring for our textured tresses.
    Keep doing what you’re doing and always aim 4 natural.


    1. It’s an absolute pleasure Dionne. Oooh I can only imagine the stress your tresses were enduring in that session *cringe* I can totally relate to that rice crispies sound during my dry detangling sessions and my mantra was “suffer for beauty” lol, never again. Thanks so much for your contribution!


  2. lol. You made me smile the whole time I was reading this. What an amazing personality you have… Thanks for the love doll. All that’s said and done, you treat your hair right. I do nothing but wash it, with any shampoo, conditioner and oil it. Most of the time I don’t braid it at night. Just wrap, wake up and go. I am very lazy when it comes to my hair.
    One thing I did when I first did the big chop, I use to put gel in it because I thought it made my hair look curly, then I saw my reflection after my hair got wet while at a theme park, and saw how ridiculous I looked.
    P.S. Birkenstocks makes any feet looks pretty. Don’t hate. lol


    1. Lol, awwww thanks so much Shauna! I like that you keep your hair regimen simple I need to learn a bit of that because I’m a certified “liker of things” (South African phrase meaning I can’t hold back from trying out something new, hehe). I think we all fell into the gel trap but yeah it isn’t for me either. Re the Birkenstocks I concede, lol. Thanks for reading my lil ol’ blog!


  3. Hey Ofee, sorry it took so long to get to your post! But, alas, better late than never! These confessions had me in stitches and had me remembering all the naughty stuff I did with my natural hair BEFORE I found the wonderful world of BLACK HAIR CARE movement online! I look forward to doing my own post so thanks so much for the tag!
    Stay beautiful xx


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