4 Month post BC update

4 months post BC

It’s been 4 months since I did the big chop and I have absolutely no regrets, Yay!!!  I’m so happy that my hair is growing, albeit slow, but it’s getting there. Currently it is 2.5cm in the front and on the sides,  the middle is 3cm and the back is 2cm.

Length check

I’ve been wearing my hair out more often in the last 4 months than I have ever before and as a result I have been so acutely aware of it and how it is doing. That, I must confess, gets very tiring quite quickly. But the greatest benefit from wearing my hair out is that I had a chance to “learn” it and she what it likes and what keeps it moist and shiny.

Close up

Lately I’ve been a bit frustrated with the length because I’m desperate for braids but I don’t want to have microscopic braids so I will really have to wait a few more months until it gets longer.  In the mean time,  so as not to pull my hair out or BC again in frustration, I will wear headscarves more often, about 5 out of the 7 days on a week, call it “a mini-headscarf challenge” until June/July. I will be sharing pics on my Instagram, follow me @princessofee to see the different styles I come up with.

A thowback collage from BC till date:


Have a happy hair day
Princess Ofee


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