6 Reasons your scalp is so darn itchy… and how to make it stop!

black & well co.

woman-with-itchy-scalp Image: source unknown

Itchy scalp is a plague upon many a scalp. But did you know that it is relatively easy to avoid provided you know how to take care of your scalp. Many of us are still contributing to our scalps demise by avoidable haircare practices.

Here are 6 reasons why your scalp is probably so darn itchy and what you can do to resolve it!

1. Oiling of the scalp.

I would put this at the top of likely factors causing your scalp to itch. Greasing the scalp is an inherited method of caring for black hair that actually can do more harm than good. Your scalp produces its own natural oils to replenish and condition the scalp. By adding to that you could in fact be blocking the ability for your scalp to breathe by clogging follicles with heavier oils than is necessary. This in turn can…

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